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Stabilimento La Coccinella

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Refreshing, juicy, sweet, fragrant, crunchy, you choose your daily La Coccinalla apple!


Scheda tecnica - Stayman


Scheda tecnica - Golden


Scheda tecnica - Fuji

Delights La Coccinella

Stabilimento La Coccinella

Love at First Bite, Love at First Sip!

Stayman Apples

Scheda tecnica - Mele essiccate

Apple juice
250 ml

Scheda tecnica - Succo da 250 ml

Apple juice
750 ml

Scheda tecnica - Succo da 1 lt

Apple and rose jam
240 g

Scheda tecnica - >Apple and rose jam

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Stabilimento La Coccinella

The farm

Stabilimento La Coccinella

The farm La Coccinella has been leader in the production of high quality apples since 1994. We harvest different varieties of apples such as Stayman, Golden and Fuji, standing out because of their innovative growing techniques , such as the monofilament net system. Our orchards grow in Val di Chiana, the land from which the famous “Chianina meat” comes from. Val di Chiana is an alluvial plain that, thanks to the perfect climate and the rich soil, is the ideal land for producing fruits and vegetables insomuch as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, while describing his journey in Italy, said about Val di Chiana:

« It is not possible to see more beautiful crops; there is no portion of land that is not perfectly plowed, ready for seeding. The wheat grows luxuriantly, and it seems to find in this soil all the characteristics that make it flourish. In the second year they plant fava beans for horses, since oat doesn't grow here. They also plant lupines, which now are already green, and they produce fruits in March. Flax is already planted; in the ground for the whole winter, cold and ice make it stronger.

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The guarantee of a high quality product and the respect for nature brought La Coccinella to experiment anti hail nets as a natural protection against insects to decrease the use of chemicals. Years of usage brought to a complete knowledge of this instrument making it a real agronomic technique. Our dense cultivation (10.000 plants per hectare) makes plants produce a low number of fruits each, about 40. In this way, the trees are not stressed and they produce fruits with naturally intensified organoleptic properties. The result was the consolidation of an excellent quality of La Coccinella apples, for their flavour, aroma, sweetness, crunchiness and preservation.

Commitment, passion, respect, frankness, responsibility, loyalty and trust: those are the values of our company's ethic.

The present and Future

The farm, keeping the same passion and quality in fresh apple production, started to produce delicious products with Stayman apple La Coccinella. Our aim is to allow the consumer to vary the fresh apple consume in various but always delicious ways. Nowadays, other products that we can include are apple juice and dried apples, on the agenda the launch of other products to satisfy the palate of both adults and children. La Coccinella, an apple for all occasions!


Soon available!


Ruogh, rusty, refreshing, juicy, with a great and unmistakeable flavour. It belongs to the fruit-growing heritage of Val di Chiana, recognizable for its rusty skin, naturally originated by the local microclimate. Superb after the meal, perfect for salads, excellent for athletes due to its low sugar contents.


Rusty, fragrant, sweet, with firm flesh, with a great and unmistakeable flavour. It belongs to the fruit-growing heritage of Val di Chiana, recognizable for its rusty skin, naturally originated by the local microclimate. Perfect both raw and cooked for sweet and savoury dishes.


Juicy, crunchy, sweet and fragrant, with a great and unmistakeable flavour. Recognizable for its aromatic quality naturally originated by the local microclimate. Excellent when raw but perfect also when cooked for sweet dishes. Particularly loved by children.

Company Technologies

Stabilimento La Coccinella

La Coccinella apples are hand-picked one by one, the company does all the procedures that bring La Coccinella Val di Chiana apples on our tables. The fruit washing, calibration and production are made by high-qualified personnel who follows the company procedures in the 3000 square metres big processing room, with enough resources to work 3000 tons of Stayman, Golden and Fuji apples annualy.

The cold storage is straight done in the 12 refrigerating rooms of the farm with a dynamic refrigeration in order to keep intact all the fine organoleptic features of our La Coccinella apples, by using the natural fruits reaction to the decrease in oxygen obtained in the refrigerating rooms, without use of chemical additives.

La Coccinella Business

Stabilimento La Coccinella

Coccinella.Com srl is our company and it takes care of the commercialization of the fresh apples produced by the farm La Coccinella and about the realization of La Coccinella processed products. The care for our customers is our principal activity, to satisfy as best we can their requests is our constant aim.

  • Distribution channels
  • Marketing contacts

La Coccinella.Com srl commercializes its products in the most important stores, within the following channels:
• Large-scale retail trade
• Traditional market
• International market

Commercial manager: commerciale@lacoccinellacom.it
Processed products manager: amministrazione@lacoccinellacom.it


60X40X H10 – about 7 kg nett
EUROPALLET (80X120) 4X18 layers = 72 parcels

50X30X H10 – about 4 kg nett
EUROPALLET (80X120) 8X20 layers = 160 parcels

40X30X H10 – about 3 kg nett
EUROPALLET (80X120) 8X20 layers = 160 parcels

DISPOSABLE PALLET (100x120) 10x20 layers = 200 parcels


60X40X H19 – about 14 kg nett
EUROPALLET (80X120) 4X11 layers = 44 parcels

50X30X H19 – about 9 kg nett
DISPOSABLE PALLET (100x120) 8x11 layers = 88 parcels

WOODEN BOX (no layers)

60X40X H19 – about 15 kg nett
EUROPALLET (80X120) 4X11 layers = 44 parcels

50X30X H25 – about 14 kg nett
DISPOSABLE PALLET (100x120) 8x9 layers = 72 parcels

50X30X H22 – about 13 kg nett
DISPOSABLE PALLET (100x120) 8x9 layers = 72 parcels


Bins plastic 100X120 H 75 – about 300 kg nett

Column of 3 bins


12 bottles package

Box measure: 32X24X25 cm

Weight: kg 3,90

EUROPALLET (80X120) 12 boxesX12 traysX5 rows = 720 pcs


12 bottles package

Box measures: 23X18,5X18 cm

Weight: kg 5,3

Europallet (80X120): 21 boxes X7rows X12 pcs


18 bags package

Box measure: 30X25X20 cm

Weight: kg 1,5

EUROPALLET (80X120) 21 boxes X7 rows X18 pcs = 2.646 pachages


6 jars package

Box measure: 24,5X15,5X10 cm

Weight: kg 2,60

EUROPALLET (80X120) 6 jarsX26 boxesX7 rows = 1092 pcs

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Stabilimento La Coccinella

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Stabilimento La Coccinella
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